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Growth added 05/22/02
As you can see from Kylie here, at three weeks the ladies are looking healthy and are growing nicely.
As you can see from Kylie here, at three weeks the ladies are looking healthy and are growing nicely.

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Day 1. Here already?? (13/04/02) We received 10 clones about 1 week earlier than we were ready for. Hence the make-shift appearance of the room. We didn't have our sodium bulb in place at this point (too dang heavy). So we are desperately surounding them with standard 30-56w strip-lights. (It's the weekend, and the shops are all shut)!! Light = 18hrs on, 6hrs off. We have 1 uninstalled extractor fan (sat next to ladies for now), and 1 interior fan. The room is roughly 6'x2', and is about 8' high. 05/09/02
The clones Here you can see the clones, still in their rockwool. The ladies here are standing at roughly 3-5cm, and are soon to be repotted as their roots are showing clearly underneath. Aparently the clones are at their make-or-break point, and the rockwool dry to tacky; which we think is why some of the leaves are slightly yellow. 05/09/02
New Homes. New Names. (16/4/02) Each of the ladies is re-potted, and mylar is hung inside the room to maximise light. 05/09/02
HPS takes effect! We get the 400w hps light installed! The humidity's sitting at about 20, and the temp is just right, if not a bit too warm. 05/10/02
Room 2 We have moved the room to... another place. Where it was set-up before was a little suspect as far as people noticing was concerned. Plus Our first room was getting too hot and the humidity was low. Tingz is MUCH better now though! As you can see, there are currently only 6 ladies in the tray, and another is a bit stumped compared the rest so it has been put on a windowsil for some REAL sunlight. 05/16/02
And... They're off! After just one night, you can see the new accomadation and atmosphere are working nicely. Leaves are starting to broaden. 05/16/02
Grow my pretties Mmm. Ladies, you've got such fine figures! 05/16/02
Help! Spots! (14/5/02) HELP!! Can any one tell us what this is on our leaves? One plant only in the room has turned slightly yellow, and a few of the leaves have these spots on them. Though the under side of the leaves are completely clear, so We're hoping it's just a sign of some withering leaves. 05/16/02
Help! Spots! (2) Here is another leaf from the same plant. (N.B. The leaves look slightly worse in the pics, as they have been put in a scanner, so the light has intensified the spots slightly). Again, the under side of the leaf is clear. I have a feeling some magnesium will help. 05/16/02
Growth As you can see from Kylie here, at three weeks the ladies are looking healthy and are growing nicely. 05/22/02

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