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DescriptionThis is our 1st attempt (Apr02), so we're looking forward to seeing how things go!! Indoor growing. We now have two rooms, so that we can keep a cycle going. Mylar coated rooms. Temp = 70-100 degrees (over 24hrs). Humidity = 20-40% Thanx to the team for an excellent site!
# Plants12
Strains(cross) Blueberry+Oasis+Mazar+Mr Nice. And now... Bigbud too!
Lights2 x 400w hps
MediumSoil ('CocoFibre').
First Marijuana Picture

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More seedlings (02/06/02) Again, here you can see the differences. 06/12/02
Mo seedlings The Bigbud seedlings are shooting upwards. The stem seems to be staying strait, and the leaves are still very close to it, and only at the top, as aposed to branching off. 06/12/02
Ariel seedling (02/06/02) A top veiw of one of our jucy new seedlings. 06/12/02
lack of water!! Aggh! Nancy here was found to be dehydrated when we checked in on here. A good drink soon lifted her spirits tho! :) 06/12/02
Desktop wallpaper :) Couldn't resist putting this shot in! You can see all the healthy seven-pointer leaves flooding the room. 06/12/02
Begining of budz (02/06/02) The plants had been on a 12/12 light cycle for about 1 week at this point. You can just see the hairy-bits sprouting on the stems. 06/12/02
12/12 light cycle. Picture's not overly clear, but... You can see near the top of the main plant here that the 'hairy-spikes' are on show. 06/12/02
Healthy undersides You can see the undersides of the leaves are nice and clear, and the colour is a bit more pale that the upperside of the leaves. Bug checking is more nessasery now as the weather gets hotter. We've already had to splat a few spiders!! 06/12/02
Desktop wallpaper 2 :) Another foliage-full shot! 06/12/02
Standing proud The brightness of the room really helps show the detail of the leaves. 06/12/02

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