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DescriptionThis is our 1st attempt (Apr02), so we're looking forward to seeing how things go!! Indoor growing. We now have two rooms, so that we can keep a cycle going. Mylar coated rooms. Temp = 70-100 degrees (over 24hrs). Humidity = 20-40% Thanx to the team for an excellent site!
# Plants12
Strains(cross) Blueberry+Oasis+Mazar+Mr Nice. And now... Bigbud too!
Lights2 x 400w hps
MediumSoil ('CocoFibre').
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Different hights Three of the ladies are a bit smaller thanthe others, and another which is more af a Bonsia just now. We can't see why it is taking so long for this one to start 'going for it'. But we shall Persevere. We have raised those four up closer to the light in their own tray. 05/22/02
Five Point-a Had to put a pic of a five point-a in. After all, it symbolises the whole shabang! You can see how the lower leaves on the bigger plants are getting thicker, and their texture is changing. 05/22/02
Tree tops Layer upon layer of fresh shoots! 05/22/02
Sowing seeds We got some Big-Bud seeds whilst out in 'Dam recently. So we're giving them a shot too. 05/22/02
Ernie the slow strater This is Ernie (we know. 'Snot a girls name). He was presumed dead for about a week in his early stages. So he was put on a windowsill in natural light for a couple of days. And now he seems to be back on the mend, tho he's exploded in all directions for some reason. We'll let him sit for a bit B4 we trim him. 06/11/02
no room at the inn Space is becoming a bit tight. :) 06/11/02
Seedlings Here you can see our Bigbud seedlings taking shape. They are only small admitadly. But you can see the difference in the shape of the leaves etc. already. 06/12/02
Ariel veiw Mmmm! no need for words. 06/12/02
Throw ya hands up! (02/06/02) The ladies caught partying! We've just put the plants into a 12/12 light cycle. And they couldn't look happier! 06/12/02
Bigbud seedling The growth of these plants is VERY different to the clones we started with. 06/12/02

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