About GrowKind.com – Cultivating Good Buds online size 1997

This site exists for one reason…..a love of GOOD BUD! I want everyone to have good bud all the time. This site allows people to see what other people are doing and hopefully
inspire them to do it also.

This site contains information about Marijuana. Marijuana pictures, marijuana growing information, marijuana cooking, marijuana legalization efforts, marijuana books and links. We host user submitted marijuana picture galleries from marijuana gardens around the world, providing a safe way for people to share the joy of growing marijuana with others. There is information on sexing marijuana plants, a grow guide, how to make pot butter (canna butter) and pot milk (bhang) both of which can be used in brownies, cookies, or many other marijuana recipies, information on passing a drug test, information on making hash, where to get marijuana seeds, basically anything marijuana related. In our FORUM you can get all your questions answered fast about marijuana cultivation or just chat with other enthusiasts, we even discuss methods and tactics for quitting marijuana if you feel that you have an unhealthy relationship with it in your life and want to quit smoking marijuana. If you have ever wondered how to grow pot or want any information regarding Marijuana then this is the place for you!

GrowKind.com is dedicated to bringing you information on marijuana and marijuana cultivation. Unfortunately we do not know everything and some of our information may
be outdated or incorrect. If you believe some information on our site is bad or incorrect please notify us. If someone posts incorrect information please notify them. We are all here to work together and spread correct information to help all.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The authors and contributors of this web site do not grow marijuana or think it is a profitable, pleasurable, and rewarding way to fight back against inane marijuana laws. Growing marijuana is illegal in the United States and most other countries, so was helping a slave escape their master in the 1800’s, or hiding Jews from Hitler. Some laws are wrong. Marijuana laws are wrong! Let’s do something about it!

P.S. If you have a marijuana related cause you think this site may be interested in helping
please send it our way.