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  • 10 Things you can do to minimize the risk of getting busted

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  • 10 Steps to prevent getting busted cultivating marijuana

    Here are 10 things you can do to minimize your minimal risk of getting busted:

    1. Don’t show anyone.

    2. Don’t show anyone.

    3. Dont’t show anyone.

    4. DON’T show ANYONE.

    5. DO NOT SHOW OR BRAG ABOUT YOUR GARDEN TO ANYONE!( excluded of course)

    6. Don’t talk on cordless phones about any illegal activities.

    7. Do not open your door for any police or suspicious persons you do not recognize…if they have a warrant they won’t knock….pretend you
      are not home.(take this one from personal experience, if a cop thinks he smells bud they can sometimes use it to come on in)

    8. Don’t be careless in the purchasing, and disposal of, gardening supplies and leaf matter.

    9. Avoid loud parties, music, or fights…a scorned lover can be your worst enemy.

    10. Don’t leave bongs, bud or other incriminating items within line of site of windows or doors.

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