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random strain 1 top cola added 04/03/06
top cola of one of the weak plants
top cola of one of the weak plants

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HK bud 1 a shot of one of the hindu kush plants 03/27/06
HK bud and top cola kind of a nice shot of the top cola and it's shoot. i wish i had a better camera!!! 03/27/06
clones flower the first attempt at flowering a clone. This was my first time cloning, and i think i stretched the hell out of them, but i have a better setup now that will allow me to fatten them up quite a bit. one was added 3/10, 3/17 and 3/24. my intentions are to get use to starting the perpetual system and plan out timing for cuttings, etc 03/27/06
skunk clone A clone of the skunk plant. This girl grew faster than any of the rest of the "test" cuttings. I tied her down about 2 weeks ago and she looks like a good doner, given it would be the last chance to reproduce the skunk. Looks like she'll be nice when it's time to bud her. 03/27/06
more clones the rest of the clones waiting to be transplanted, then moved to flower. 03/27/06
WW cuttings 1 the first white widow cuttings. using a power cloner 20. it worked well with my first batch, hoping to have further perfected it on this try. I have found that rooting works better if i use half of what the solution calls for per gallon. The red towel is there to stop random splashes. 03/27/06
random strain 1 This is 1 of 2 plants grown from a bag of random seeds I got from a friend. he said they were all skunk, but both are completely different, and i believe outdoor. the buds grew small, yet still gave a wicked high and smooth tastey hits. This plant tasted real sweet and fruity. 04/03/06
random strain 1 bud This is one of the smaller buds, just a cool picture i suppose 04/03/06
pussy likes pot My cat tries to eat the plant every harvest. pothead kitty! 04/03/06
random strain 1 top cola top cola of one of the weak plants 04/03/06

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