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DescriptionThis garden started out with 6 seedlings in soil. 3 Hindu Kush, and 3 "supposed" skunk seeds. When the 6 went into flowering, i took my first cuttings, and started a White Widow mother in soil from seed. The following are photos of the flower room and the vegetative setup. 4/3/06 - seeds in hand and ready to grow - Durban Poison, DP x Skunk, Blue Mystic, Crystal, Blueberry, Hindu Kush, White Widow, WW x NYC Diesel. 4/11/06 -now going completely organic. using nutes from the soil for the short veg, and Botanicare PureBlend Pro for flowering. Still looking into a ripening additive and other details with going completely organic. if you have any recommendations, please messege me
# Plants18
StrainsHindu Kush, White Widow, Bubblelicious
Lights600 Watt HPS, 4x4' T5, 2x4' flo
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unknown strain flower showing some nice progress, about 2 weeks in 04/22/06
unknown strains flower 2 showing tric's 04/22/06
Bubblelicous Babies (2) 4/14/06 about a week ago 04/22/06
Bubblelicous Babies (2) 4/22/06 the same bubs today 04/22/06
White Widow Clones 4-14-06 04/22/06
WW Clone 1 4-22-06 been pinching 04/22/06
WW Clone 2 4-22-06 04/22/06
Kush before harvest strings holding branches are removed. buds are heavy! 04/22/06
Kush after trimming the issues regarding the light that was used had a large impact on the lack of bud girth. this won't happen again ;) 04/22/06
Kush cola 04/22/06

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