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Close up Topped Pluton added 06/08/06
The Buds were nice and dense
The Buds were nice and dense

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Nice small plants ALl the plants but the one on the left are so bushy and the one on the left will become like that to for sure. 12/25/05
Nice plants The extra blue spectrum from the Son agro is supposed to make the plants more bushy. 12/25/05
Topped off pluton Wanted to try Toppin on off to see how it goes. 01/13/06
Purple Skunk growing they are around 12 - 14 inches high now. 01/13/06
Pluton M Started out as a mutant but it straightened itself out. Now its my fattest plant at the moment. 01/13/06
Dutch mix Bought them in Amsterdam, Cheep seeds, supposed to be skunkish mix. but this one is definitly more sativa then indica. 01/13/06
White rhino x pluton Just started flowering basically. I had a hermie hidin the last grow on a pluton and it spread some pollen to 1 WR. i only got about 6 seeds so i tried them out. 06/08/06
Pluton This was the Pluton not topped off. 06/08/06
Topped pluton in Flower stage week or so into flowering 06/08/06
Close up Topped Pluton The Buds were nice and dense 06/08/06

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