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DescriptionI bought and bred the Pluton myself and i am testing those seeds even though are are supposed to be "outdoor" strain only. I am also growing purple skunk/mighty mite, a random Dutch mix seed i bought in Amsterdam and Pluton/ White Rhino.
# Plants5
StrainsPluton, Skunk mix, Purple skunk/mighty mite, PlutonxWhite Rhino
Lights430 watt Son agro HPS
Mediumsun shine mix #4
Yield5 ounces
First Marijuana Picture

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pluton zoom The 2 main buds growing off the plant 06/08/06
Topped Pluton Harvest time I lost the camera for awhile and only could take finishing pictures of the topped pluton plant. 06/08/06
Topped Pluton This plant turned out really good for an "outdoor" strain. 06/08/06
2 main colas Harvest time is always a joy 06/08/06
Close up bud The finish product 06/08/06
pluton shot some of the purple was still on the actual trimmed bud. 06/08/06
TP (topped Pluton) side branches 06/08/06
pluton strain It looked alot better indoor 06/08/06
End of harvest time The pluton i thought was more potent outdoors then indoor. But maybe it was just becuase that was my first indoor grow. 06/08/06

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