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  NorthernLights#5xHaze and Snow White from NIRVANA SEEDS (Avg Rating: 6.1 in 37 votes)   NYC

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400HPS added 04/02/03
400HPS SunSystem
400HPS SunSystem

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400HPS 400HPS SunSystem 04/02/03
NL5xHAZE 3 WEEKS 04/02/03
NLxHAZE Looking good.. Branching out nicely 04/02/03
Snow White at 4 weeks bushing out showing its 80% indica origen 04/03/03
Snow White side view this plant didnt take to the nutes as well as the NLHAZE. it burned up a little bit in the 2-3 week but showing signs of a comeback. 04/03/03
Pic of da potz This is a pic of my ghetto ass closet operation which seems to be working out well -->=) 04/03/03
Snow White 4 Weeks today =). ill let them veg for 2-3 more weeks then the fun begins 04/03/03
Tony Yayo Pic of 1 of my catz, Yayo. 04/03/03
My 2 Cats stoned off sum uptown Looks like they liked the hizzaze =) 04/04/03
They're out for the count. guess it was 1 shotty too many -->=P 04/04/03

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