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outside shot added 12/15/05
its had a paint now
its had a paint now

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out side shot this is the outside of my new grow closet 12/10/05
air inlet I got this idea from green goblin thanks heaps , these slots are where the air flows in , its about the same level as the top of my tray 12/10/05
exhaust fans these holes are where the 10inch and 6inch fans will go . The lower level is where the fans will be fitted and then the duct will go threw the top holes into the shed ceiling . the 10 inch is to remove the grow space heat and the 6 inch is hooked into my light shade to remove the light heat . 12/10/05
air inlet this is the light trap at the back off my closet where the air is sucked in to my litle girls . 12/10/05
light shade this is my old light shade , i cut a hole into the top of it so i can put duct into there , that is hooked up to a 6 inch fan to dispose off the heat into the ceiling and not my grow room . 12/10/05
pedistool fan this fan is to create a bit of movement 12/13/05
exhaust fan This will be ducted to remove the heat into the ceiling . 12/13/05
outside shot its had a paint now 12/15/05
this is the tray hieght the res sits underneth here in the dark 12/15/05
fake draws i cut the front of the draws off the back , and screwed the draw fronts on and gap filled it 12/15/05

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