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.Buy color changing handblown glass pipes, bongs, waterpipes and bubblers.

>> View All Color Changing Glass
Glass Spoons
.color changing glass pipe > spoon. A full line of color changing glass spoons including many that will fit easily in your hand and pocket allow quality smoking on the go.
Glass Bubblers
.color changing glass bubbler. A full line of color changing glass bubblers provides something to please even the most discerning smoker.

Glass Hammers
.color changing glass pipe > hammer. The no nonsense durability of the color changing glass hammer make it an all time classic.
Glass Sidecars
.color changing glass pipe > sidecar. Designed to fit comfortable in any hand the color changing glass sidecars makes you feel like smoking.
Glass Sherlocks
.color changing glass pipe > sherlocks. The combination of old world style and new world blowing techniques make the color changing glass sherlocks an instant collectors item.
One of a Kind Glass Pipes
.color changing glass pipes > custom. Check out the current selection of one of a kind glass pipes. Always changing these one of a kind exclusive pieces are truly works of art.
Glass Bowls
.color changing glass bowls. Broke your bowl? Replace it with a color changing glass bowl.
Glass Chillums
.color changing glass chillums. Be one with your herb using a color changing glass chillum.

Glass Chillums
.chillums > glass chillums. Be one with your herb using a glass chillum.
Stone Chillums
.chillums > stone chillum. Afraid of breaking your glass? Try a Stone Chillum.
Clay Chillums
.chillums > clay chillums. For those that prefer it, the clay chillum.
Wood Chillums
.chillums > wood chillum. Some people just like Wood Chillums best.

Dugout Systems > View All Dug Out Systems
.dug out smoking system. .sneaky teaky pipe. .sneaky teaky pipe. .pocket pal.

Stash Boxes > View All Stash Boxes
Steel Stash Boxes
.stash boxes > steel. Steel Stash Boxes for your favorite goods.
Steel Stash Wood
.stash boxes > wood. Wood Stash Boxes for your favorite goods.
Stealth Stash Boxes
.stash boxes > stealth. Stealth Stash Boxes for those goods you don't want found.

Salvia Divinorum
.salvia joints.
Salvia Joint
.salvia leaves.
Salvia Leaves
.salvia extract 5x & 10x.
Salvia Extract 5x & 10x

Gravity Bong
Waterless Gravity Bong
.gravity bonngs > bukket bong. Why bother with filling the sink or tub, cutting up a 2 liter bottle and generally making a mess? The waterless bukket bong delivers a gravity bong experience in a waterless design you can take with you anywhere!

Portable Pipes, Proto Pipe, Credit Card Pipe > View All Portable Pipes
.original proto pipe.
Proto Pipe
.palm leaf credit card pipe.
Palm Leaf Credit Card Pipe
.agent blue undercover pipe.
Agent Blue Undercover Pipe

Cleaning Glass Pipes
Once you try this method of cleaning glass you will wonder how you ever lived without it. This is by far the easist method to clean glass pipes we have ever found.

1. Take your glass pipe and place it in a ziplock baggie.

2. Add a fair amount of table salt to the bag. Probably at least 3-4 tablespoons. You cant really use too much.

3. Add rubbing alcohol to completly cover the glass pipe.

4. Seal the ziplock bag and shake it for around 5 minutes. More or less time will be required depending on the amount of cleaning your glass pipe requires.

5. Rinse the glass pipe under warm water to clean off the alcohol and any remaining resins.

That's it! Your glass is now clean. If your pipe is very dirty it may require a couple treatments but you will be surprised how easy it is to clean glass pipes, glass bongs, glass vaporizer handpieces, you name it using this method!

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