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  First time, inside bookshelf in closet (Avg Rating: 4.9 in 27 votes)   South West USA
DescriptionThis is my first growing attempt. It's a cheap setup, but if you knew the circumstances I was under and where I live, you'd understand this is the only way I can really do it for now. The seeds are just a random selection from a huge bag of seeds I had laying around. ORIGINAL SETUP: Plants were inside a hollowed-out bookshelf in my closet w/ one 2-foot 75w flouro. 100% aluminum foil-enlosed, dull side out. 2 Plants, planted 4/13/03 and 4/21/03. Originally 3, but had to pull one at a young age because of problems. Miracle-Grow potting soil and Miracle-Grow fertilizer. UPDATED SETUP: No longer confined to the bookshelf. Added another 75w flouro. Removed all foil (using white walls/paint for reflection). A fan for ventilation added. Any feedback and/or advice would be great. "overthemountain" is my Forum username. Love to hear from any of you. I give them lots of love (but not too much). Can't wait to smoke this sh*t, even if it sucks! NOTE : My digital camera is a piece of crap, so the pics aren't all that great...sorry.
# Plants2
StrainsUnknown, Bag Seeds
Lights2 x 2ft. 75w flourescents (cw)
MediumMiracle-Grow Soil
YieldWe'll see...?
First Marijuana Picture

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  Pictures (22 total)
My biggest plant @ 3 weeks, 3 days 05/07/03
Another pic of biggest @ 3 weeks, 3 days 05/07/03
My smallest one @ 2 weeks, 2 days 05/07/03
Another pic of smallest @ 2 weeks, 2 days 05/07/03
Big Plant @ 3 weeks, 4 days 05/08/03
Big Plant (underneath shot) @ 3 weeks, 4 days 05/08/03
My Biggest Plant @ 1 MONTH OLD, as of today! 05/13/03
My Biggest Plant @ 1 month 05/13/03
Big One @ 1 month, 3 days (now under 2 flouros!) 05/16/03
Big One (underneath shot) @ 1 month, 3 days 05/16/03

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