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  Closet Monster by the Captain (Avg Rating: 7.6 in 54 votes)   Unknown
DescriptionHere is one of the girls, if there are enough views I might post the whole thing along with some instructions. This was the first grow.
# Plants40
Lights1 400w MH
MediumLava Rock
First Marijuana Picture

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Miss Kitty She's been pruned twice, and this was at 2 months of veg growth. 05/01/03
08-15-93 This was a walk-in closet. As you can tell, no work was done except clearing space for growth. I'm not sure of the exact dimensions. Plants were cloned from what appeared to be an indica/sativa mix, although I would estimate that the plant is more sativa. The tray on the far right has seeds from a bag of mexcican, from where I don't know. 400w MH was used for the entire veg stage, it wasn't moved but rather left in place stationary (although a lightrail would have been better). 05/03/03
08-26-93 It's self explainatory at this point. System ran great, these just grow. 05/03/03
08-31-93 The one's on the left were the clones, the one's on the right tray were the seedlings from the bagseed. 05/03/03
09-09-93 More clones added. The light looks too far from the plants. 05/03/03
09-14-93 Just growing. The bagseed seedlings were moved to the far left tray, the orignal clones moved to the far right, and new clones were added in the middle. 05/03/03
09-30-93 As you can see, the plants in the back and the ones in the dirt have a huge difference in size, and yet they came from the same initial group of cuttings. 05/03/03
10-01-93 Here's a top-down view. Clones were in top tray and middle tray. Seedlings were in the bottom tray. The large fan leaves were being trimmed back when they overshadowed other areas. 05/03/03
10-01-93b Side view. Starting to look like a jungle. 05/03/03
09-30-93b Here are the roots between two of the large clones that were by the wall. It looks like spaghetti :) 05/03/03

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