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DescriptionHere is my current garden. It is my second indoor grow. I have one plant that I fimmed and then jogged. I've already taken several cuttings from it that were simply in the way. I also have a couple of indica dominant hybrid young'uns. I don't really keep track of veg time, just flower plants when they're mature. My grow is completely organic. I use ALOT of worm castings. These little balls of worm doo are great! They slowly release nutrients and contain bacteria that break down other nutrients and micronutrients into stuff that is more avaliable to the plant. I also use both Mexican and Jamaican bat guano(I think the bugs below came from the mexican guano), bone meal, seaweed, and of course dolomitic lime to supply Ca and Mg and to keep a neutral pH. I used chemicals on my last plants (Peters & MG Bloom Booster). They were healthy, but do not compare to the vigorus healthy plants that organics have gave me. I also water with Superthrive in veg.
# Plants5
Mediumcompletely organic
Yield4 oz per harvest
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The FIMmed JOGger A Sativa dominant hybrid, suspended horizontally by stakes, lies in this pot. I'm considering taking the highest shoot as another cutting so I can keep a uniform canopy. 04/13/03
The FIMmed FOGger Another shot, more above the plant. 04/13/03
The Young'uns Here is my indica dominant hybrid, one that I suspect to be a male, and one of my own mixes... 04/13/03
Indica dominant hybrid another shot 04/13/03
The unknown invader! This is a pic of a bug. I have seen a couple of these a day. They don't seem to be doing any noticeable harm, but one was munchin on a leaf I think. 04/13/03
The unknown invader Another shot, a bit closer to the magnifying glass. 04/13/03

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