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  Pete's (Avg Rating: in 5002 votes)   San Diego
DescriptionThis is a bedroom garden. 4 trays under 2 1000W HPS lights. A separate closet houses the mothers and clones. Central air conditioning keeps the room right around 74 degrees. External intake fans pump fresh air directly into a hepa filter. This garden operated in a non lived-in rented apartment for over a year.
# Plants99
StrainsBig Bud, Pure Indica, Jah Love, Sugar
Lights2x1000W HPS
Yield1-3lbs per month
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Intake Fan A squirrel cage fan in an outside room constantly pumps in fresh air. 03/13/01
Hepa Filter Air from the outside is pumped directly into a HEPA air filter to remove pollen, mold and mildew. 03/13/01
Window Covers All windows are properly insulated and covered double thick with heavy plastic. 03/13/01
More Buds More buds at 5 weeks. 03/13/01
Mylar Boards Mylar mounted on hanging boards makes it easy to keep it close to the plants and move when access is needed. 03/13/01
The Python If you have to drain and fill reservoirs frequently this item is a must have. It easily sucks a reservoir dry and then refills it. Attaches to any normal household faucet. Look for it at any fish supply store. 04/01/01

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