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DescriptionThis is my first real attempt at growing. My space is very limited for a number of reasons, so am growing in a small cupboard, which should be big enough to grow one female to flower. I am starting out with about 15 seedlings so that I can pick the best growers and gradually get the best looking female.
# Plants15
StrainsNorthern Light and Northern Light Special
Lights160wt CFL, soon 250wt HPS
Mediumsoil mix
First Marijuana Picture

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Day 5 - inside the mini grow roo the seedlings at day plus a couple of plants started earlier at day 11. 01/30/03
One of the older plants the smaller of the two plants which were started before the main batch 01/30/03
The beast This is the larger of the two which were started before the main batch. For some reason it grew a hell of a lot faster than the other even though they were both grown under the same conditions. Its a bit droopy, but looks really healthy in colour 01/30/03
Comparison The two early started plants - notice the size difference - both at day 11 01/30/03
droopy beast pic1 shes droopy :( 01/31/03
droopy pic2 and more droopyness 01/31/03
top view of droopy one and again. lights maybe? root bound? 01/31/03
Repotted the root bound beast I hope this helps overcome the droopyness - when I pulled it out the old pot the roots were all up the side. Such a big root system for only 14 days...hadn't even been using superthrive 01/31/03
looking better 24 hours after repotting and it looks to be getting a bit better 02/01/03
looking better 24 hours after repotting and it looks to be getting a bit better 02/01/03

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