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  Nate's Ghetto Garden (Avg Rating: 2.6 in 29 votes)   TEXAS
DescriptionHello! Until recently i grew with metal halides and hps lights, and actually grew good weed, right now i have been moved to a new location and had to sell my grow setup due to extreme lack of $. So in my new location growing marijuana is big no no and i have decided to make my garden better again in the future, for right now, i am using a ghetto ass flouro setup, im serious, its so ghetto it hurts, if i got ANY YEILD WHATSOEVER i would definitly be surprised lol. I have 4 plants all being tortured in a small ass pot instead of a nice 1 to 2 gallon bucket. Its really just fun to tide me over until i can once again get a real setup and grow quality marijauna. Keep in mind the only thing i have going for me right now is superthrive.
# Plants4
Mediumsoil with perlite
Yieldi doubt much of anything
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TheyLookLikeAss I accidently unplugged my box, and they look like it, this grow is a disaster! 01/16/03
Looking better Lights back on, and superthrive has finally been added to my ferts. 01/16/03
The damn thing itself This is my rubbermaid super ghetto setup, im not proud, dont worry 01/16/03
The damn thing itself2 This is the inside, it has ben improved since this pic, and now has an exhaust fan. The lights and fan both have on/off switches now so i can well, turn them off, i think i am just making myself feel better :] 01/16/03
better still i cant beleive this might actually produce something 01/19/03

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