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  My First Grow (Avg Rating: 7.4 in 41 votes)   Illinois
DescriptionThis grow started out with a 70-watt HPS from Lowes. About a month later, I bought a 400w MH. I used that light up until about a month before harvest, then I bought a 360w HPS conversion light and some mylar. The mylar really makes a difference. It only has about a week to go before it's done.
# Plants1
StrainsGood Bagseed
Lights400W MH/HPS
MediumMiracle Grow Brand
YieldI'm guessing about 2 OZ
First Marijuana Picture

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My Girl For everyone who doesn't like Miracle Gro....this grow is for you. 01/08/03
My Girl I've been waiting for this for a long has finally paid off. 59 Days into flower. There is a milk cap on the top for size comparison. 01/08/03
Sweet! I am so proud of my baby! Only about a week before she's gone...:( 01/09/03
baaaad This grow consisted of Superthrive, Miracle Gro Bloom Formula Potting Soil, Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant food for veg, and Miracle Gro Bloom Booster for flowering. Anyone who says Miracle Gro sucks, I believe is wrong. And if you're wondering about the discolored leaves at the top, it's from over-watering. most of the Fan leaves have fallen off, also. 01/09/03

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