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  little skunks (Avg Rating: 6.9 in 28 votes)  
Descriptionstarted off with 25 seedlings, 19 in soil (8 went outdoors) and 6 in an NFT growtank. plants in the growtank didn't do too well so had to put them into soil. after a month of veg growth at 18/6 (i fed only once with miracle grow)i went to 12/12. after a few days the plants started showing their sex. the males were dumped and i was left with 8 females (two were given to a friend leaving me with 6). for the first two weeks of flowering i fed with tomato food and then moved onto chempak #8.
# Plants6
Strains3 skunks and 3 local weed
Lights400W hps
Mediumsoil with coco fibres, perlite
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babies 06/15/02
3 weeks old plants a 3 weeks 06/15/02
13 weeks these are roughly two weeks away from chopping 06/15/02

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