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  PhIr3's Variety Garden - Flowering (Avg Rating: in 1253 votes)   Rotterdam
DescriptionThe plants are in Miricale Grow time release soil. This soil contains the following trace elements: N 0.18% 0.12% slow released P 0.06% 0.03% slow released K 0.12% 0.07% slow released The soil mix is 75% soil, 10% manure, 5% Perlite, 5% Vermilite, about 1% sand, 1% bloodmeal, 2% seabird guano, and 1% worm castings. I am in a small closet 2x6x5 with a seperate chamber for veg/flower and clone/mother. My new light setup is as follows: Vegetative/Flower Chamber Lighting I have 2 135 watt Commercial Electric U-Shaped fluorescents that only use 44 watts each and output 2500 lumens. There are also 3 150 watt Lights of America Spiral fluorescents that use only 32watts each and output 2000 lumens. And the 400watt EYE Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum HPS that outputs 55000 lumens, in a deep P.L. Light fixture system with ballast and 4 foot rail. I am burning 584 watts that outputs a total of 720 watts , 11000 lumens florescent light, giving me a grand total of 1120 watts and 66,000 lumens. That is 112 watts, and 6600 lumens per sq. ft. in vegetative/flower chamber. Cloning/Mother Chamber I have 2 150 watt Lights of America Spiral fluorescents that use only 32watts each and output 2000 lumens. There are also 4 48
# Plants2
StrainsWhite Rhino sativa (Zoloft), KillaBanna indica
Lights400watt HPS + 720 watt floros
Mediumorganic soil mix I created
YieldIn Progress 2oz guess
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  Pictures (155 total)
536 Indica 05/26/02
White Rhino Germinated seed on 4/20 05/26/02
Shorty Sativa Shorty Sativa Germinated 4/20 05/27/02
My Sick White Rhino I think this is Nitrogen difient 05/28/02
White Rhino Sick 1 Poor Baby Please advise in Cult Forum 05/28/02
White Rhino Sick 2 Cultivation Forum for advice please 05/28/02
Flowering Healthy White Rhino Named her Zoloft. Got past the health problems and got some nice flowers. 06/28/02
Zoloft from above Nice flowers. I am training the branches if u can tell. 06/28/02
Zoloft 1 Top This plant has 2 main tops and 9 lower branches: total height 15 inches 06/28/02
Zoloft Flower Closeup NICE!!! 06/28/02

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