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DescriptionAs of 5/5/2002 date, have 12 plants underway with more to be added am looking for the same yield as last years crop plants are 3 weeks to 1 week old. UPDATE ..... had hail storm over weekend ... lost one to mother nature. but the other day some critter had a little meal on me and lost 4. Using 10-10-10 along with a cowshit mix as well as watering everyday due to the temps being in the 90's Growth had been steady and all are showing signs of being female so... SO FAR SO GOOD UPDATE : 7 16 02 had one plant go full male on me and he's now up in smoke, and it was not that bad. other plants are still growning and still having to water everyday as the temps rise. all in all plants are looking healthy. 8/2/2002 UPDATE.... plants really bushing out and looking healthy and have had some leaf drop due to new growth. So far So Good 8/25/2002 UPDATE plants still doing well haveing to water everyday due to the lack of rain. have gotten a jump on makeing plant beds and starting to get things in order for next years planting season. growth still good & strong 8 28 02 update finished building new plant beds for next year and popped a few seeds to give them a test. also finished getting starter and other planters as well.. added a few new pix 9 01 2002 .. had bad wind storm and had one plant get snaped rite into .. but all is not lost .. it still may live ... super smoke smooth with a smell like skunk... 9/4/2002 update plant still living and is looking fine and starting to flower as well had a 6 inch lizzard hideing in one of the plants this moring and got a pix of him it is not the best both test plants are really takeing off and the new plant beds look as if they will do very well next year. update 9/14/02 all plants are budding like crazy and should be ready in 6-8 weeks or till first frost here UPDATE... added new pix 9/21/2002 9/22/2002.... UPDATE 10/4/02 .. all plants are doing very well with lots of colas and buds.. updated pix should show the amount of growth.
# Plants6
LightsSun Light
Mediumcowshit with custom soil mix
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two just starting two young ones 05/20/02
two young ones 05/20/02
5 three weeks old 5 plants three weeks old in 20 gal pot 05/20/02
a hand full growth has really started on these three week old plants 05/20/02
a hand full keeping the faith 05/20/02
really takeing off now group in 20 gal are just growing like weeds " ) 06/04/02
ones that got freeking chewed up two that were just takeing off before some animal had a meal 06/04/02
two that were for lunch 06/04/02
After 6 weeks 06/04/02
top view ofter 6 weeks 06/04/02

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