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  Outside Grow Farm (Avg Rating: 4.7 in 42 votes)   *~Sunshine State~*
DescriptionThis is an outdoor farm me and a couple of my friends are going in on...We have over 150 seeds and are gonna germinate and plant all that sprout. We are growing in outdoor soil that has been prepped wit a special concoction of chicken blood, bone meal, worm castings, vermiculite, and fish. We are plan'n on have'n at least a qp each female palnt. In the long run we are try'n to get to a goal of at least 20 pounds. And here well show you guys how were gonna accomplish our goal.
# Plants50
StrainsChronic, Big Bud, Maui Wawi, Orange Bud, Neviles Haze x E.Misty
LightsGood Ol Mr. Sun
YieldTo be determined....
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Seedlings Just a shot of the first batch of seedlings...there are 12 in little pots and 5 in the tupperware container. 05/19/02
My babys Heres another shot of nine seedlings in little pots wait'n to grow up and be transplanted in the woods... 05/19/02
Seedling shot Just a shot of a seedling.... 05/19/02
Seedling shot 2 Just an overhead shot of a seedling.. 05/19/02

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