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  Ewed and Cunt. (Avg Rating: 3.8 in 52 votes)   WI.
DescriptionThis is my first success in even seeing ny green at all. Befor I thought wrong about my other babies. This is an unknown plant I dont know the strain. I put potting dirt in and it will be put inside until 5" then it will be transplanted outside since I cant have it inside. So far so good.
# Plants2
Lights60Watt + 5 foot 35 volt flo/sun
First Marijuana Picture

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Germanation I put 2 of these in wet toilet paper over night and its ready to go! Put it in dirt that morning. 05/18/02
Ewed Awakens. I woke up the next morning and BOOM. There she/he is. I am so proud! 05/18/02
Ewed (just a child) On may 18th I look at my baby and I see that she/he has grown UP a bit. Good Good. 05/18/02
Cunt comes up. I named my second baby Cunt, because it took that little "Cunt" 2 extra days to get up out of the ground. It also seems that Ewed is growing a little to tall... 05/25/02
Babies grow. Last night I had an accident. If you look you can see that the dirt is all over. I dropped my babies! They seem ok. But I am proud of Cunt, she is catching up with Ewed. 05/25/02
DEATH! Not much more to say, my babies died of to much heat. My first time, a disaster...But I hope you enjoy this little pic! 05/25/02

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