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DescriptionOk guys, heres my 3 plants, all outdoors at the moment, but im going to put my smallest under the lights. I use miracle grow ferts, and they are coming along great!
# Plants3
StrainsAlaskan thunderfuck
LightsSunlight and Gro-lux 25 watt x4
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Top of old plant this is my plant at about 1.5 months. 05/17/02
3 weeks old Here is the plant at 3 weeks - when i bought it. 05/17/02
My biggest outdoor at the moment This plant is ina cleared area, and it looks mostly Sativa. Its coming along nicely! 07/03/02
Top view of biggest Heres the top view, its kinda a shitty pic, but whatever. It is at about a month and a half right here. 07/03/02
My smallest at the moment 07/06/02
Top of smallest This is the top of my smallest plant. Shes geting busyier all the time! 07/06/02
7/8/02 It is already too big for this pot, so i transplanted today. 07/13/02
7/8/02 This is a top view, its getting really bushy! 07/13/02
7/8/02 good shot This is a nice shot. Kinda blurred cuz of wind, but its facing the sun though the trees. 07/13/02
7/8/02 closeup of canopy heres a closeup of the canopy. 07/13/02

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