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  SoCal Medical Grow UK Cheese, LA Confidential, Dutch Passion (Avg Rating: 3.7 in 3 votes)   California, USA
DescriptionHello all, just started my second grow last week on the 13th. I have 3 Dutch Passion, 2 UK Cheese, and 1 LA Confidential, all from clones from the club: * Closet is about 5' wide x 3' deep x 5.5' high. * Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil mixed 2 parts to one part perlite. * Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Pack and Soluables Trio Pack once I start flowering. Mixed in a 5 gal bucket with aquarium pump for circulation and air flex hose. 7 stage R/O water. * Foliar feed made with high nitrogen worm castings and liquid kelp extract and Coco-Wet for a wetting agent/surfactant. * Blue Mountain Organics Super Plant Tonic for root inoculent. * Two circulation fans, one oscillating on the floor and one mounted at the top of closet. 4" inline fan attached to carbon filter venting into storage cabinet above closet. * Temps go from 72F-85F depending on the time of day and humidity fluctuates between 40% and 65%. * Right now I'm under two 108w 10,000 lumen 4' High Output T5's each with one 6,400k grow and one 3,000k bloom bulb bought from * I will be using a 400w HPS for flowering. * Lights are running 18/6. When I am ready to go into flowering I am going to take the two best looking plants as moms and set them up in a different veg room I am currently constructing.
# Plants6
StrainsU.K. Cheese, L.A. Confidential, Dutch Passion #1
Lights2x108w CFL, 400w HPS
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My baby's Here is a picture of them with the new CO2 emitter set up in the back there with some tubing hooked up to it draped around the lights so the CO2 falls onto the plants. 06/26/09

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