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Description*the plant died about 2 1/2 weeks in growing period* this is my first try on growing my own, its probably going to be a fail but i will take a picture daily so you guys can watch it grow with me, if it does grow. yes i know there is a three leaf clover growing in it. its to distract peoples eyes from the weed.
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day 3 this is day 3, nothing really going on. not sure if they will grow yet. planted two seeds. 06/15/09
this is day 4 i put the three leaf clover in to disrast people once the weed starts growing, and if it does start to grow, well then i will have to figure something else out lol 06/16/09
day 5 one has poped out of the ground and is growing REALLY FAST!!! i did not think it would grow this fast. if it continues like this i might need to pull it, because this is too fast to hide lol 06/17/09
day 6 i am going to say it almost 3x its height from yesterday. here i am comparing it to a tic-tac container. 06/18/09
day 7 it grew about once inch since yesterday. 06/19/09
day 8 its still goin fast. its at about 5 inches today 06/20/09
day 9 still cant tell if its male or female. its a solid 6inches. i also jerry rigged a stand for it so that it would not tip over 06/21/09
day 10 uhmmm yeah, it grow alittle bit today. added little bit to my support tower. and the two leaves grew alittle today. you will see what i mean in the pic 06/22/09

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