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  New to Closet Growing (Avg Rating: 5.6 in 8 votes)   NorthEast, USA
DescriptionAcquired 2 halogen grow lights and had some pots and miracle-gro soil. Started growing two plants in a greenhouse but lost location due to unwanted people. Resumed in my closet after 3 weeks of healthy veg. growth. Had trouble setting up a good environment with closet space. Been close to 3 Months total growth time as of beginnin of june/09. Killed the other plant recently to allow more space in tiny closet. Moved the plant from the shelf to ground level and had to shift plant lights due to size, It grew up beyond the 3 foot high lights and was getting cramped up at ceiling. Top leaves still showing some under light development. Recently i started to see flowering on plant in last few days and only seemed to happen just after they hit the ceiling. Hope they finaly slow down and work on flowering that sweet aroma. Gonna start implementing better fertilization with an off/on watering cycle soon. Lower level of branches startin to get little light... wondering if i should get a third light and position on side to help relieve lower branches? Please feel free to comment/suggest. All help is appreciated. Thanks. Will try to update more pics and info in future.
# Plants1
StrainsWill Find Out... from Seed Bag
Lights2 Halogen Bulbs
MediumMiracle-Gro Soil
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6/4/09 First Pics at roughly 3 M Here is a pic from opening of closet door. I obviously dont have alot of room. Also concerned with plant growing so tall. wouldnt flower earlier than now. 06/04/09
6/4/09 First Pics at roughly 3 M Here is one a little closer. It shows the top that had reached the wood ceiling and begane to grow out sideways with new branches. Lots of new buds created and beginning to flower now. 06/04/09
6/4/09 First Pics at roughly 3 M Even closer view of a clump of flowers beginning. Ne ideas on Strain from look of things? 06/04/09

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