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  How to clone. (Avg Rating: 6.1 in 60 votes)   ont. can.
DescriptionThis is a step by step description of how i do my cloning and have had 99.9% sucess. Hope it helps.
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Strainssuper skunk
Lights132 w of flo.
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Make shift cloning tray with hum 1.This is the 4 & 2.5 cup ziploc tuperwhare containers the cheap throw away kind. 05/11/02
Water mix to soak cubes. 2. Mix 1/8 tsp. root stim powder in 1c water. If you find it hard to mix put in to tuperwhare continer and shake vigorusly. 05/11/02
soaking cubes 3. Pour mix over cubes. 05/11/02
Cubes 4. Turn cubes on all sides so as to get them full saturated 05/11/02
Cubes 5. Drain cubes give em a little shake to get out excess 05/11/02
Drain cubes 6. Place cubes on rack to drain while you get everything ready 05/11/02
Equipment 7. Root hormone, scissors or razor blade, glass cosisting of 1/2 water and 1/2 veg fert. water. cubes placed in 2.5c ziploc container ready for clones & a pice of a wooden skewer measured to 4" to make hole in cube deeper and to measure length of clone. 05/11/02
Measuring stem to be cut 8. Measure stem to be cut using skewer and find the closest set of leafs to the point and cut just above the set of leafs. 05/11/02
Where to cut . 05/11/02
Dip cutting in 50/50 water/water 9. Dip cutting in water asap. this make a micro barrier around fresh end and prevents end from drying out. 05/11/02

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