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  Mike & Bretts Indoor Growing Photjournal (Avg Rating: 3.3 in 139 votes)   USA
DescriptionThis is our online photo journal for the indoor growing season 2002. Straight to you day by day from Mike And Brett. We give the visitors the opporitunity to watch live plants grow in youre own digital backyard. Sign the comment book and leave youre comments, tips, or questions. VISIT OUR NEWLY UPDATED SITE FOR JUNE 2002. OUR PLANTS ARE GROWING!!
# Plants16
StrainsMid Grade + Skunk
Lights3 Gro Light Flouros 2 Cool White
MediumProffessional Mix Soil
Yield1st harvest.
First Marijuana Picture

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Mike N Bretts Growing Setup This is our setup. 2 Flouro's with 2 CPU fans inside a 30X20 Box. lined with foil (dull side). 05/06/02
Day6NewPic Some More Pictures from day 6. 05/07/02
day6inside This is another great shot of our plants. 05/07/02
NewPicture Another New Photo Updated 3am May 7. 05/07/02
Day 7 Day 7 photo 3 05/07/02
day7 photo1 05/07/02
NewPicday7 Another shot from day 7 05/07/02
Day 10 Greenhouse This is a picture from day 10. More updates available on our grow at our website. 05/11/02
Day 10 Pic 2 This is another great shoot of inside the greenhouse. This pic shows the plant with the overfert also, we added some Epsom to it, it should come out of it. 05/11/02
Week 5 Day 1 This is the fifth week into our grow. Next week the plants will get boosted. 06/09/02

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