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  1st GROW Homestock (Avg Rating: 7.1 in 112 votes)   USA
DescriptionStarted this grow from bag seeds, two batches 2 weeks apart. 3 plants during 1st germination, 4 on second, after I realized that I didn't want to risk not having any female plants! I started with 2x40W floro bulbs during the first 2 weeks, and supplemented with 2 side lights (65W floro -"Fluorex") Then switched to 400W HPS. I flowered them after 6 and 4 weeks, and after 10-13 days, I removed all the male plants. Now I have 3 females, flowering away! 2 plants began flowering after 10-14 days, but one of the plants didn't flower until a week later, and is also slow in developing fuller flowers. I don't know why this is, but it has to be a genetic attribute, since all the growing conditions are the same. Hope she's worth the wait!
# Plants3
Lights400W HPS + 2 65W Floros
MediumSoil Mix
Yieldtime will tell...
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At 48 & 34 Days (since I grew 2 Looking into growroom. Looks like a forest in there! This is taken after 5 days of 12/12. Fast vertical growth since I first began 12/12. 04/21/02
after 7 days of 12/12, 4/15/02 another overall shot... tops are shooting up fast!! 04/21/02
Hermaphrodite, just before I cho This plant started out as a male, then began developing female pre-flowers. I pulled it to ensure no pollen is spread to my other females. This plant looked like it had some Indica in it, showing broader leaves and bushier stature. Too bad it's a hermie.. 04/21/02
female flowers on the hermie See the two sets of pistils in this picture. 04/21/02
male flowers on hermie Close up of male flowers just starting to grow. Pulled this plant after taking this pic 04/21/02
Last male to be removed. Shown Shows the size of the plants at 56 days since germination. 04/21/02
3 females left standing Now, these ladies can have a little breathing room! At 13 days of 12/12, vertical growth is starting to slow, and more pistils are present. Can't wait to see these girls flower over the next 5-6 weeks! 04/21/02
Top view of one plant This is the top view of one of the female plants. Since these plant was tied down, you can see multiple "tops". This creates a more horizontal profile, allowing more growth of the secondary buds. 04/22/02
Budding! One of the tops beginning to bud, at 14 days of 12/12. Sweet! 04/22/02
Another young bud Just starting flower, at 14 days. 04/22/02

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