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  My 2 plant experiment (Avg Rating: 3.6 in 24 votes)   Leipzig, Germany
DescriptionI decided to grow a few seeds I had laying around the house, its pretty easy to see why someone would try to grow bud in their homes, because of the prices and all. But thats called the "legalize story"... I'll try to put up a picture everytime something interesting happens, but theres a good chance that I'll just loose interest or cut my plant down tomarrow :)...
# Plants2
Strainsno, they arent old enough to lift heavy objects yet...
Lightsthe sun
Yield1 gram of shitbud :)
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Masta bud on steroids. this is just something that amazed me, my plant, which i put in yesterday is now an inch tall, w0rt! 04/15/02
3rd set coming in I have been screwing with this poor plant. I switched him to indoor light, unfortunately the lights are incandesent and give off too much red light. Thats what I read anyway... The tips of the leaves turned brown, its not lookin too good, that is a sign of "fertilizer burn" apparently, but I have not yet fertilized him. Maybe I have too much light. 04/23/02

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