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  White Widow First Grow (Avg Rating: 5.3 in 16 votes)   Pacific Northwest
DescriptionThis is my first attempt at a Hydro Grow and we'll just have to see how it turns out. I bought the seeds from a dutch website. Got them wet for the first time and into a paper towel on Nov 15, which I'll consider day 1 going forward.
# Plants5
StrainsWhite Widow
Lights400W Metal Halide(veg)/400W HPS
MediumRockwool cubes/hydrocorn
YieldHopefully 1 oz/Plant?
First Marijuana Picture

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Day 23 Garden Shot at 23 days. Basically 3 good growers, and two slow growers 12/09/07
Big Lady This is the biggest one, always has been. It has what I think may be a preflower at the highest node. A couple of days and I'll know for sure. 12/09/07
2nd biggest Number 2 12/09/07
3rd biggest Number 3, I topped this one to see how the strain will react. 12/09/07
4th biggest This one is dragging behind a bit. 12/09/07
23 days Big One Check out the branching this one is doing, it branches almost as fast as it grows at the top. I hope this one is a girl!!! 12/09/07

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