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  bag seed..First time grower(ever) (Avg Rating: 5.0 in 12 votes)   canada
Description1 75w floro grow light and fertilized potting soil
# Plants7 bag seed
Lightsgrow light floro 75W
MediumPotting Soil
Yieldanything would be great
First Marijuana Picture

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1st day just showin leaves 11/26/07
about 1 week startin to get a lil bigger 11/26/07
3 days later tops Startin to get multiple sets of leaves 11/28/07
Side view...gettin taller 11/28/07
all four lookin good 11/28/07
tops again gettin bigger nicey nice 11/29/07
side angle showin the growth looks like branching 11/29/07
Day 28 Looking GREAT! plant 1 developing multiple sets of leaves 12/18/07
Day 28 Looking GREAT! plant 2 More of the same...Smallest of the three plants though 12/18/07
Day 28 Looking GREAT! plant 3 same.. 12/18/07

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