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DescriptionThis is a garden of 3 purple bubba plants. This garden is kept as a personal log. The plants are growing under a combo of around 600w of floro and HPS lighting. They are growing in 2 gallon pots in a organic soil mixture. 20% Hydroton balls 20% Earthworm castings 50% Organic soil 10% Generic soil. Thease plants will be jogged and vegged for around 2 mounths then flowered. Stick around and check out the results!
# Plants3
StrainsPurple Bubba
Lights5 150w output floros - 2 150whps
Mediumorganic soil mixture
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day 15 These plants get watered every 3 days with 1/2 strength nutrients every 3rd water started on day 11. 1/4 strength every 3rd water before that. 11/26/07
Lights off day 17 11/28/07
Plant 1 day 17 11/28/07
Plant 2 day 17 11/28/07
Plant 3 day 17 11/28/07
Room Shot 11/30/07
Plant 1 day 19 11/30/07
Plant 2 day 19 11/30/07
Plant 3 day 19 11/30/07
Day 25 - 1 12/06/07

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