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  Southern Cali Closet Grow (FIRST TIME) (Avg Rating: 6.8 in 28 votes)   San Diego, CA 619 BABY!
DescriptionTHIS IS MY FIRST GROW EVER. This is an indoor organic soil grow, executed legally under Cali Prop 215. The clones were obtained through the medical community in San Diego. There were 2 strains. AK47 and Bubba Kush. 4 of each. The clones enjoyed 100W Flouro setup. I vegged them for about 40 days under 250W and 400watt MH. For flowering, the ladies were put under the 400 watt HPS. Each plant ended up with 4-5+ ounces of bud. Flowered for 80 days. I lost two plants in the early stages, but finished strong with 6. The plants were shuffled in and out of the closet into a spare bedroom at times to get more breathing room. But most of the grow was in a 3ftx4ft x8 ft high closet. Hope you Enjoy.
# Plants8
StrainsKush and AK
Lights100Watt Flouro, 400W MH, 400 HPS
MediumOrganic Soil
Yield4-5OZ per plant. 21 oz.
First Marijuana Picture

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  Pictures (16 total)
Got Buds? Me and my lady. 11/12/07
Another Bud Closeup A close-up of buds from the lower vegetation of plant #3. 11/12/07
Kitty Cat This is my little homie. He LOVES the ladies. I have to keep him far from the plants. He has a taste for the leaves. 11/12/07
Buds from AK plant #2 Some buds fresh off of plant #2. Going into the drying units. 11/12/07
Side Stalk of KUSH Here is a close-up of one of the KUSH side stalks. 11/12/07
Groomed Bud Here is a fresh clipped bud off of plant numero uno. It is going into the drying closet now. 11/12/07
Buds Drying The small bud drying Tray. A flouro light cover. 11/12/07
flowering day 75 Closeup on flowering day 75. 11/12/07
Plant #4, day 72 Close-up in the final weeks of growth. Flushing with pure water now. 11/12/07
Day 45 flowering. Lady #5 on day 45 of flowering. Looking Good! 11/12/07

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