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DescriptionStarted in this closet as my second grow. I have 6 plants in hydro that are from seeds and 3 clones in soil. I uses Faoxfarm Nutes as well as "Purple MAXX" but this is my first time with both.
# Plants5
StrainsMK, Sage In sour, and Pot Of Gold clones, Ramulin&Purp Urk seed
Lights400MH Veg HPS flower
MediumSoil and Hygroton
Yieldprob about a QP
First Marijuana Picture

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The start Started all soil. Clones in tub on the left. 10/22/07
new ideas all the time Got s hydro setup goin now for all 6 seeds and 2 clones (that tragicly didnt make it for different reasons) 10/22/07
A happy picture 2-3 weeks since seeds started. Got the Roor ans the LUX in there too yee! 10/22/07
Pot of gold Got a lot of tops coming in. Its lookin promising 10/22/07
Master Kush mmm looking beautiful 10/22/07
Sage In Sour Already got some colors coming in and i have not even started flowering! cant wait to see the yield 10/22/07
4-5 weeks 2 weeks till flower still But lookin good I cant wait to crop these girlies 10/22/07
4 weeks flowering full closet 11/29/07
Pot of gold 4 weeks flowering budshot 11/29/07
Master Kush 4 weeks flowering Master Kush 11/29/07

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