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  Snozzberry (Avg Rating: 3.5 in 11 votes)   Dallas, TX
Description2 plants, grown in 2 pieces of Rock wool, grown in 2 strainers, grown inside a 20 gallon tank, powered by 4- 12" airstones, Neutered with General Hydroponics 3- step Flora bloom 0-5-4, Flora gro 2-1-6, and Flora Micro 5-0-1, and Flora Nectar Sweetner 0-0-1. The lights are on 12/12 currently. PH is kept between 6.5 - 7.2. Please feel free to comment or make any suggestions.
# Plants2
StrainsCorn seeds
Lights2' 4- T5 Fluorescent 24w bloom
MediumEco-Earth inside of Rockwool
YieldPredicting QP
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Lights 2 of our 3 Phillips 90W halogens 10/14/07
All 6 plants about 2 weeks old. The strugglin' plants had no chance from the start. 10/14/07
Judgement day is near. Started out with 6 plants killed 2 off and I'm left with 4 good plants until I can uncover the sexes. 10/14/07
Plant 1 This baby shot up to 5 inches in 5 days! 10/14/07
Plant 2 Youngin' strugglin' from a overnight case of rockwool mold but should be back on the path of light in no time. 10/14/07
Plant 3 6 inches day 14 10/14/07
Month old on Halloween 4 very bushy plants getting some additional light from the 75W 24" Fluorescent Ott-Lite Grow light on top of 270w of Halogen Flood 10/30/07
Entering Veggie Plants coming up on 2 ft. tall and 1 month old. 10/30/07
The roots coming out of the bott Roots are usually covered at all times to prevent root rot! 11/01/07
Plant 1 The biggest so far at about 18-20 in. 11/01/07

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