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  basement babes (Avg Rating: 8.0 in 21 votes)   North Carolina, USA
DescriptionThis grow operation is done underground in a back corner lot. This garden has a 3'x3' flowering room powered by a 600 watt HPS bulb, co2 input w/ intake and exhaust. Outside the flowering room is a Can filter 33, a 250 watt compact MH system for clones/veg, and 2 4' flouresent lights for mothers. This room also has running water in it, as well as a drain system for runnoff water or flooding.
# Plants15
StrainsCalifornia Orange Bud, Bubble Gum
Lights600w HPS, 250w MH,
Mediummiracle grow potting soil
Yield450g per m2/ 3 months
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a little longer overlook of garden, 5 female California Orange Bud. Tallest one is 5'4" after about 2 months 01/31/07

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