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DescriptionBag seeds from a killer batch of green. Just got my White Widow seed and germed one. In soil on groundhogs day 07. Update I culled 3 males under 12 hour cycle. White widow still vegging. Flower after 3 weeks 12 hour light cycle.
# Plants5
StrainsWhite Widow. Bag seeds from some great greenbud
Lights4X4ft flour
Mediummiracle grow moistur control
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White widow 3 days This little girl is diong fine at 3 days 02/07/07
AMSC Free seed sprout This is one of the free seeds from Amsterdam marijuana seed company. Just to see how good it is. 02/07/07
First bagseed 3 weeks Just re-potted the first bagseeds,8 hours ago, to each have their own. Seem to be fine 02/12/07
Her sister the other bagseed that shared the pot. re-potted 8 hours ago. 02/12/07
White widow 1 week This girl seems to be a slow starter. A week old and not much growth activity. 02/12/07
AMSC Free seed sprout The free seed from AMSB doing fine. re-potted 8 hours ago due to poor stem support. 02/12/07
# weeks under flower cycle This cola was formed under 12 hour light cycle for 3 weeks under 4 4 foot flouro tubes. although I haven't upgraded my lighting my efforts seem to be right on schedule. 03/28/07

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