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  upgrade from soil to hydro (Avg Rating: 5.6 in 5 votes)   washington state
Descriptioni have ben growing in soil but im moving into the future of hydro you input is welcome thanx
# Plants2
Strainscandy skunk
Lightsagro sun 2 4 ft flourscent
Mediumrock whool
Yieldunknown at present
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3 weeks veg agro sun is great this little ladie is 3 weeks into veg and growing strong agrosun lights are awsome for veg and cloning 01/16/07
start to my new gro room a 12 x closet growing at it's best (candy Skunk) 01/18/07
trying my luck at laying her dow i want as much yeild as posible i have verry little grow space so i figured why only have 2 big colas when i can lay it on it's side and get many colas think about it people this makes sence to me 01/20/07
another view still makes sence to me 01/20/07
im still liking it when i layed her down like this all the other brances that werent getting light perked right up and reached for the light 01/20/07
this is my clone and veg cabnet i built this cabnet in high school and could never figure out what to do with it now i have a use for it i have a 350 CFM squirl cage mounted in the top to remove unwanted heat in a hurry it only stays on for about 5 min then it all is cooled down i also have a cool stat to regulate the temp in the chamber and it's set at 70 degrees to prevent bugs and mold also i have a humidifyer to keep the chamber at 50 percent humidity i will add more pic's as the months go by i also have 6 white widow on order and they will be here in a few days i will be putting pic's of them and there life on here as well so old timers on here tell me what you think thanx people smoke on 01/20/07
6 cell hydro drip tub this was verry simple to make when i finly got how it all worked it's a drip system with a RIO pump and a 6 prong emiter that flows the food to each 6 plants (cant wait for my new clones) 01/20/07
my flower chamber i use a dual 400 watt system with a 400 HPS and 400 MH they love this set up it has a 500 CFM exhaust squirl fan sealed reflector 01/20/07
there it is all up and going it's hard for me to vent right due to me living in a lower apartment lol 01/20/07

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