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  wasntme1761 First grow (Avg Rating: 0.0 in -649 votes)   Canada
DescriptionThis is my first GROW! Ive been going for about three or four months! I started out with five plants! Only TWO where FEMALES the others were MALE. Im growing one male and then the two females. I am growing in a closet it is pretty big and going really good. Slow but good the Trics just started to show they are everywhere! will update SOON STAY TUNED!! __________________ Disclaimer: Any Statements derived Wasntme1761, should be accepted as pure fiction. Any statements, suggestions, advice, or help posted by me should not be taken seriously. I do not condone illegal activities, nor do I participate in illegal acts. All pictures posted by me are found easily on the world wide web. All commentary by me should be accepted as hypothetical discussions and have no basis in fact.
# Plants3
StrainsIndica, Sativa Custom Breed. ( Two are Girls and One Male)
Lights2 40w flor, and a 500w.
MediumSoil (superthrive potting soil)
YieldHopefully ALOT!!!!
First Marijuana Picture

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About 2 Weeks Old From Seed!!!! These lovley little babies are my first, I think they are looking good. A little mag prob just started to fed the little ones some plant food! 01/05/07
this is my new grow space!! this is the newist addition to my grow space it is just a closet all closed up! 01/11/07
This is the closet door closed! well kinda suspicious but not after i finish hanging some posters on it and what not! 01/11/07
This is the door open! heres the door for the grow space after i finish unscrewing two srews holding it shut! 01/11/07
Here is a top view of the room! the pic is from above the lights about 7ft tall! and my air purifier and Carbon Filter fan! 01/11/07
Heres a random pic of one of my i just took this pic today they are comming back from a near death!!! I think that the needed mag, but i waited a little too long to feed them so they are just starting to grow back and turn green and start new growth! 01/17/07
Is this Sativa???? sorry this pic sucks the flor lights skrew with my camera! can you tell if this little baby is sativa? 01/17/07
About three weeks!!! here is one of the babies at about three weeks! LOOKING GOOD? 01/20/07
About three weeks Too!!! heres one more of the babies i like alot! 01/20/07
Random Pic Three Weeks! heres one about three weeks! 01/20/07

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