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  Durban Poison (Avg Rating: 7.2 in 19 votes)   Southern California
DescriptionVery simple Ebb and Flow tray. Made from household items and a 60 gph water pump, and rockwool. The strains are Durban Poison and White Widow clones acquired from Amsterdam mail order seeds from last crop.
# Plants10
StrainsDurban Poison,
MediumRockwool Ebb and Flow
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Night Shot Christmas 12/25/06
The set up. I keep about 10 gallons of nutrient container. I check the ppm once a week and just add nutrient as needed to keep the ppm up. I have a fish tank pump pumping oxygen into the nutriens 24/7 thru a stone. The water pump is set to turn on 4 equal times a day. I started at 2 times a day, then increased feedings as they got bigger. I hardly do shit to it. It's pretty fucken nice. 12/25/06
Night Shot pics from nov 12/25/06
Nice Bud. pics from nov 12/25/06
Durban Poison I had to bring them indoors today, because it was so fucken windy. 12/27/06
Durban Poison 12/27/06
Durban Poison 12/27/06
Durban Poison 12/27/06
Durban Poison 12/27/06
Durban Poison 12/27/06

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