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  3rd Attempt... (Avg Rating: 6.0 in 5 votes)   Ontario, Canada
Descriptionso last time didnt turn out so good as my mom forgot to water for a week, and the time before she flushed it. but this time nothing can go wrong, i haved my own appartement with my girl friend and i have created my grow box. using 6, 15w flourescent strips 1 foot long and 1, 30w bulb. i have a fan mounted on the back and an air pump line feeding from outside into the box and everything but the air pump is wired into the timer on the side. **Update** bigger grow box,i removed all 6 of the flourescent strips as it was creating too much heat but i changed the bulb to a 45w spiral flouro with a reflective cone directing light towards plants. ***UPDATE2*** I got 2 more seeds from a buddy planted and im getting another seed from some purple weed. :) :(The Cali Orange didn't sprout:( :)Waiting for the purple seed to sprout:) ***UPDATE*** :( all male!
# Plants4
Strains3 Bagseed (1 is from purple bud), KC Mango
Lights45w CFL - 2,900 lumens
YieldPrayin'.... :( all male!
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Day 1. Grow Box - Dec. 24 This is the outside of my temporary growbox ive created, it has a sheet over it other than now. 01/23/07
Day 1. Grow Box Inside - Dec. 24 This is the inside of my growbox it has a fan mounted on the back and 2 airlines inputting from the living room where I provide co2 :) 01/23/07
Day 9 - All attempts wahooo! after wait about a week i finally start to see something happening i also got a thermometer and humidex thing measure in relative humidity!! tempuratures and humidity look good when i uunplugged 4 of the flouro strips and leaving 60 watts in the box 01/23/07
Day 20 - New grow-box3. Jan 13, so i went to a thrift store and found this giant wardrobe for $45. i had to take it appart to get it into my appartment but while putting it back together i lined the entire thing in the same reflective paper as before, check it out 01/23/07
Day 20 - New grow-box 2. Jan 13, this is the finished product outside it stands about 7ft. tall and is covered by a black out cloth to keep the light from escaping... if anyone asks its my dance cage 01/23/07
Day 20 - New grow-box. Jan 13, 0 I changed the bulb to a bigger better 45w flourescent spiral and put a reflective cone over it (not shown), and i also hung the fan from the cieling of the unit to provide adjustibility. Not currently using the 6 flourescent strips as they create too much heat . 01/23/07
Day 21 - Wierdo & Number Two They are starting to grow faster but are still down there, the new home should and reflective cone on the light should help. 01/23/07
Day 26 - Wierdo 01/23/07
Day 26 - Number Two 01/23/07
Day 26 - Wierdo & Number Two Had a growth spurt :), i think im going to starting ferting soon... Also I got 2 more seeds from a friend, from apparently good dope. One of my other buds is giving me a seed from some purple stuff aswell :) 01/23/07

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