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  Girl Grower (beginner) (Avg Rating: 8.1 in 20 votes)   CA
DescriptionI realized...I dont know any girls that grow. So..I decided I'd change that by giving it a try. I'm growing two plants right now. One indica and one sativa. My indica is now 3 days from harvest and my other will be flowering the day I harvest the indica.
# Plants2
Strainsnot sure, got my seeds from a great sack of bud
Lights500 watt flores.
MediumMiracle Grow Soil
YieldNot sure what to expect
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Just Born This is about 5 days into the growing process 04/19/06
Too close to the lights! This is at about two weeks. I was working out my lighting when I accidently burnt her. :o( 04/19/06
Week Three She's recovering from the burns nicely. 04/19/06
4th week hopeit starts to fill out soon! 04/19/06
5th week in Veg gonna start flowering soon 04/19/06
My little girl next to her mento My indica is flowering but I took a pict with it next to my sativa just to compare the sizes 04/19/06
Second Week of Flowering Starting to see a little nug of love :o) 04/19/06
6th week I know I'm a beginner at this but I think this formation looks pretty good... 04/19/06
7th week This is the end of the seventh week, actually taken last week. I made a stupid mistake and didnt repot it in time and it started outgrowing its pot not long after, but I learned from my mistake and put my little one in a 3 gallon pot ;o) 04/19/06
8th week Ok, well, this is my girl this week, the 8th week, all the hairs are starting to turn..they're about 80% turned, so...I think I'll chop her on my day off...sunday. Wouldnt wanna lose anything by waiting too long.. I'll post my harvest pictures :o) Not doing too bad for a girl huh? :o) And its my first time! 04/19/06

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