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  North Carolina style Pro-Grow method (Avg Rating: 4.3 in 11 votes)   North Carolina, USA
DescriptionOutdoor garden grown in the forrest of NC...You'll understand the layout after viewing the pix...Grown using choice bag seeds (from GREAT gear...saving only fully developed perfectly shaped 'tiger striped' seeds) Grown using a mixture of pelletized lime, mushroom compound, horse, cow and bat compost, Mirical grow plantfood (for veggies/flowers)premixed 3month feeding cycle soil and 5-60-5 fertilizer. Seeds started 16 March 2006
# Plants65
StrainsSkunk Sativa
LightsNatural light
MediumOrganic Mixture
Yield30 harvested = 13 lbs
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2 1/5 weeks 100 seeds started in 'seed starter' (vermaculite, perlite and peat moss) in two plastic trays yeilded 90 plants 04/18/06
Bring on the popcorn buds! Typical sativa traits...pretty for such a baby 04/18/06
Babies in box one 2 1/2 weeks Getting somewhere... 04/18/06
Box 2 babies getting somewhere... 04/18/06
SKUNK BABY~! Now this one will smell up the forrest! 04/18/06
Both boxes 4 weeks Now they are looking promising 04/18/06
Look up girls! Use the shovel for a reference...reaching for the sky! 04/18/06
Box 1 4 weeks Look at the beauty! 04/18/06
Box2 4 weeks Yea these are getting pretty close to soil ready!~ 04/18/06
Sativa So i'm going to keep up with some of these pretties throughout the season, see how much this sativa (pictured in the last set) have mature....getting sexy girl! 04/18/06

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