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  Skunk #1 n cloned (Avg Rating: 6.6 in 13 votes)   UK/Kingston-Jamaica
DescriptionSkunk #1 going to clone it too, as i have only two, and 1 is small as i put it strait into flowering from day 28 of vegg... Using top soil again, dnt know the end yeild yet either... But, here goes first time growing Skunk#1...hehe
# Plants3
Strains1 type...(Skunk#1)
Lights400watt Super HPS
MediumTop Soil/Sand/Perlight...
YieldUnknown yet
First Marijuana Picture

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my first Signs the skunk#1 looki first pics of my first Skunk grow... 09/17/06
Looking good, and no nuted added A look at all 4 so far... sexes unknown as of yet!!! heres 09/17/06
Sexed!!! The only 1 sexed as of yet!!! its a GURL peeps... 09/17/06
1st recognosed Female so far... nice looking female at week 3 in vegg, n showing herself off to what sex she is....hahaaa ya dancer!!! 09/17/06
Not Ceartain..... Looking very niceeee, though not showing yet what SEX it is (as of yet anyway) , think it could be MALE....arghhh 09/17/06
Unsure again 09/17/06
A Skunk#1 clone 1st ever cloning of a plant, and it looks all good n healthy so far as its only day 2 from when i cut it...hehe cool!!! 09/17/06
1st ever clone 1st ever clone getting bigger n very healthy looking..... mmmmmmmm YES! ty ty ty it worked all that cloning equipment....lmao..yehaaaaaa 09/17/06
Clone#1 growing up 09/17/06
Clone#1 growing up Clone#1 growing up WELL n getting tall n sexy lloking with lots of alternating nodes arising around it now, and looking very healthy!!!!! 09/17/06

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