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  big aeroponic tables!! (Avg Rating: 0.0 in 1 votes)   gulf coast
DescriptionThis is my first try to go big. I'm having to take it slow due to funding reasons but it's finally coming together. The pics you see are of the construction phase of my homemade aeroponic table. The complete garden will be able to house mothers, propogate at least 60 plants, veg 60 plants, and flower 60 plants simultaneously. I will continually update the garden as progress continues.
# Plants0
Lights2x600wHPS,1-400wMH w/daystars
Yieldvery anxious to find out
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3'x4'reservoir construction res already has two coats of fiberglass resin. getting ready to reinforce all inside corners w/glass cloth. 04/17/06
flower table construction ready to reinforce resin w/glass tape 04/17/06
fiberglass closeup just after puttin on the glass cloth 04/17/06
mister line installation just finished running the 1/2" poly mister line 04/17/06
misters installed misters are placed so that each one will hydrate at least four plant sites each. 04/17/06
mister installation tool 04/17/06
mister closeup just screw it in 04/17/06
coming together far from finished but definitely lookin like something now 04/17/06
water supply just happened to have an exposed cold water pipe in the closet. this means no carring buckets attracting attention and the like 04/20/06
system overhead just look at all them holes!!! 04/20/06

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