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  ilove2tokes , growkind growbox (Avg Rating: 6.2 in 6 votes)   in my shed
DescriptionI have built the grow box from in the faq's section (slightly modified). I am useing a flood and drain system that i built from ply and then fibre glassed it and then i gave it 3 coats of 2pac resin . I didnt use the pvc pipe for the air inlet (due to the cost factor) so instead i cut two slots in the bottom of the box one on each side off where the tray sits the slots are about 50mm x 500mm . I also didnt do the fan the same basicly because i have a fan already that works well it is a 150mm inline fan , i have it fitted on the top of the box with duct coming from my 400w hps light shade out through the fan and then ducted into the roof of my shed . I check the temps with a digital min max thermomiter . The res im useing is a 50 litre tub with two bubbler wands in the bottom and a power head (that is to small it pumps slow , i am going to get another one )to fill the tray with water . I have four bag seed seedlings going at the moment they have been in veg under fluros for about three weeks now they are my test plants for the box but hopefully my ak48 seeds get here soon .
# Plants4
Strainsbag seed
Lights400w hps sun T agro
Mediumsoil at the moment
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my box the box is 1200mm high 900mm wide and 700 deep 04/13/06
this is how i built the air inle there is a 30mm gap between the black here and the under side of the bottom of the box 04/13/06
this is how i built the air inle this is the under side of the bottom of the box 04/13/06
this is how i built the air inle bottom of box fitted , the slot is where the air comes from . 04/13/06
air inlet painted the in side flat white 04/13/06
top of box hole for the fan and the rings for the light to hang on 04/13/06
light and fan the 400w hps is fitted with duct coming out of the light shade to the fan that sits on top of the box and then the duct goes from the fan into the ceiling 04/13/06
ducting all the heat is ducted out of the room 04/13/06
thermomiter it has min and max and is hanging on the dorr for easy viewing 04/13/06
tray This is the flood and drain (ebb and flow)tray i made from ply and fibre glass 04/13/06

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