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  My First Grow Going Really Good So Far (Avg Rating: 1.9 in 15 votes)   Virginia, USA
DescriptionI think they where Red Hair but not sure. I Started the Garden April 12, 2006. One Plant has just started to grow the other two no signs of growth yet. I Have 2 plants out of four seeds I planted. Lighting is 24/0 Today April 20, 2006 is my 2nd 24/0 Lighting Nice growth starting as we speak. Update in a couple days my new growths. Ok I am down to only one plant. The small one got nute burn and i had to yank it from the garden. Have 4 Seeds in germ now. Hope fully new garden coming soon. A whole hell of alot better than this shity ass first one I have here! LMFAO
# Plants1
StrainsThink Red Hair Not sure though
Lights2 3150L 40W Flor, 1 CFL 100W.
MediumMircleGrow Moisture Control Soil
YieldHopefuly 2 or 3 OZs
First Marijuana Picture

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The Setup and Planted seeds in t This is my setup for now in my spare bedroom One Fan, One 75Watt bulb in small house lamp, 2 seeds in soil 04/13/06
Yet another PIC Another Pic of the setup 04/13/06
Close up Pic This is a close up pic of my container light and the soil 04/13/06
The New Complete Setup This is where I finally decided to setup my garden 04/14/06
Yet another setup pic 04/14/06
See My Lights for now 04/14/06
still no plants 2nd day 04/14/06
Got Plant Growth on the 4th day Ok the night of the fourth day before I went to bed one of the seeds broke the soil was bent over a lil I went to bed woke up around 4:30am this morning being the fifth day and the plants has straightend up grew not only the first set of curved leaves that come on the plant but also the leaves going the other way across the plant in just a few hours it did all this! DAMN starting to grow fast. LOL 04/17/06
Another Pic of the Plant This is yet another pic of the plant further away. 04/17/06
I got FLORO's NOW If you will notice in the background I have Two 3150 Lumens 40 watts T12 Bulbs in a Floro Lamp. They are workin so much better for the plants but still using the others just for the heat in there. 04/17/06

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